Who are the volunteers/guides for KidVenture?

All volunteers are actively involved in Tabernacle Baptist Church and have completed a background check, child safety training, and KidVenture training.

What is the security procedure to pick up my child?

On the first day your child attends, your child will receive an ID bracelet they should wear all week. The parent will receive a security card that must be presented to pick up the child. A photo of the security card may also be used for pick up.

What should my child bring?

Kids do not need to bring anything.

What should my child wear?

Wear cool, comfortable play clothes. T-shirts and shorts are perfect. You do not need a “camp” shirt to participate.

Do they need to bring a water bottle?

Water bottles are not necessary, but you may send one. Water will be provided.

My child requires sunscreen, will someone be able to help him/her?

Please apply sunscreen before arrival and we can reapply if needed.

Will snacks be provided?

We will provide a daily snack & water. Snacks are Veggie Straws, Oreos, and Cheez-its.

My child has a medical condition. How do I provide special instructions?

On the registration form, please write down and special needs and instructions. We will have a nurse at each site for First Aid.

Does my child need to bring a Bible?

Your child is welcome to bring their own Bible, but it is not required. We have extra Bibles to use.

If there is bad weather, will I need to come pick up my child?

In the event of inclement weather, we will notify you via text/email if an event is cancelled. If weather occurs during the event, we will move children to a covered, safe location until parents arrive.

I missed online registration; can my child still attend?

Children can register at any location, any day of the camp as a walk up. Missed Monday? That’s ok, come join us for the rest of the week.

What are your beliefs and what will be taught at KidVenture?

Tabernacle Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist Church.

What we believe: https://bfm.sbc.net/bfm2000/

About Tabernacle: https://www.tabernaclebaptist.org/about

May I stay with my child during the event?

Parents are welcome to stay on site and watch KidVenture from the bleachers or sidelines at a neighborhood clubhouse. For the safety of all children, only volunteers who have completed background checks and child safety training may be helpers during the camp.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

Tabernacle Baptist Church, 770-382-1977.